Working at Haywire the day-to-day is never the same. But to keep it simple, the primary focus of haywire and what we do is to focus on keeping our clients happy with our face to face commitment. The clients that we are mainly working with right now are an array of non-profit organizations, and they allocate a percentage of their budget to us which is their direct marketing channel. We specifically get outsourced to execute this type of marketing to the customer.



We decide to do specialize in the face to face marketing specifically as we believe there is no better way to deliver a message than via face to face. The services we offer are second to none. Through this type of marketing it allows us to offer a few things:
Increase in revenue | by creating customers today – this is something we can guarantee.
Increase in brand awareness | in marketing, therefore not everyone, therefore, the people who don’t create revenue for the client that day still hear about the brand we are representing even if they only become a customer in the future.
Market share | the more customers we create the further we can grow the further we grow the more market share we can create for the client which is what creates unlimited growth for our industry.

So we realized there isn’t a client in the world that wouldn’t want this type of marketing or exposure.
How is this done?

It entirely depends on what the client is that we are working with at the time we offer our clients a choice between business to consumer, business to business and small team events and promotions. Whatever the client decides will solely depend on what our team executes.


The problem

We realize that there is a lot of demand for this type of marketing by all of our current clients that we are currently struggling to meet the demand of the clients that we have on a waiting list and we realize if not fulfilled will go elsewhere.


The solution

Right now the goal is for us to help the current clients we work with to achieve their 200 market growth plan in the USA with providing campaign managers through Haywire’s development system that we have in place.


The clients
We work with clients all the way from non-profits, to telecommunications, to health care, security companies, sports brands, energy, food, television subscriptions. Haywire tries to focus on one industry at a time but this can easily change

The reason why Haywire is different to everyone else is that we have the ability to adapt to any market and aren’t restricted by just one industry, this gives us the leverage to be able to change whenever the economic climate needs us to. Haywire is committed to ensuring that they will be happy to modify and adapt when is necessary.