You’ve been selected!

On arrival

You will meet our front desk concierge, Gaber because there are lots of companies on our floor, please make sure you let him know who you are here to see and what company that way we can get to know you sooner!

You will be handed a form for us to get some extra information from you. Once this is filled out, please make sure you hand it back to Gaber so we can be alerted you have arrived!

We are recruiting for various roles and working with many new clients so the lobby will be full of different people so be prepared for the competition!


The first interview you will meet either the CEO or the Manager to go over some basic details. This is where we will be able to get to know you, and you can get to know us. Also, it is not for us to quiz you on what you know about the company; it’s more about how you will fit into the industry and what we can look forward to if we decide to work with you.

By the end of that day, we will let you know whether we will be moving forward or not, a bit like American Idol but without the singing! We spend the afternoon reviewing all candidates and let our successful people know that day.


This is where the fun begins if you have been selected to see a day in the life of working at Haywire. This day will consist of meeting some of the top team members, who can answer all questions. You can learn all about the clients and the future growth of the business along with the reason why we are growing so quickly!
For this day be prepared to write a lot, you will be in and out of the office meeting with potential customers on behalf of one of our clients. Depending on the quality of the questions you ask, and how hard you work, along with the attitude you have; after all, we are in the marketing world it is a game of no’s, so keeping positive is a huge indicator. Also if we put you in for the management training program, we will be looking for people who have a ‘big picture’ mindset to be able to work with the growth of the company.


This means that you have impressed the interviewer that day, and we will decide if you have got the position depending on what you thought of the day, the responses to the final exam, and a combination of the CEO’s opinion throughout the time spent with Haywire. If you make it this far, we will explain the next steps in person.