The CEO came from the UK in a similar industry mainly working with non-profits there such as WWF – world wildlife fund, national deaf children society, national blind children society to also working with Talk talk and new call telecoms all British brands.

Working with these clients gave her the ability to look at partner clients in the US where we realized there was a massive opportunity for growth here in the USA doing something similar as in the UK.

This is where we started our client training in the USA and had the opportunity to open haywire in the 2summer of 2016 in NYC. Haywire has only been open for two years so far in this time we have worked with 10 different clients and hit all quality and quantitative goals for them.
The money we have generated for our clients so far in the last 2 years:

  • Consults for 3+ offices
  • Achieved the number 1 office for our client 2 years in a row
  • The goals is to get our client experience to over 20 different industries by 2020
  • Open an additional 10 offices by 2020
  • Continue to be number 1 for our clients