Haywire Inc: Why Sports-Minded People are Successful in Our Industry

We love the business and marketing industry because it is very fast paced. Everything happens when it is supposed to; our whole environment is buzzing and hustling to get things done. This is one aspect of our industry that makes it fascinating. Every day is different, and each week we hold ourselves accountable for targets as well as the goals we have for ourselves. One of the most admirable qualities we admire at Haywire Inc. is that we love a strong sports mentality. “A sports mentality is basically an individual with the mindset and competitivity to push further beyond their limits and make sure they reach their goals. Our goals at Haywire are important and just like a sports game, we hold ourselves up to make sure we reach what we came to do,” says Danielle Hay, managing director of Haywire.

Having a sports mentality means we’re competitive and compete to be better than our rivals. Athletes and sports-minded individuals when they are competing with another team they prepare their mindset and their actions. They prepare themselves for perseverance and strive because during a game they must be well-equipped mentally as well as physically to handle the plays and situations during a game. “Similarly, at Haywire, we have the same mindset. Work hard, play hard and give your best strategies on the floor so that we’re ready to tackle anything in our way,” says Danielle Hay of Haywire Inc.

The work ethic and mentality that sports background individuals carry get utilized every single day,  we still employ it every day. This has given our firm the work ethic that we reinforce in training and for our agents at Haywire Inc. It is so important to carry a strong mindset because it helps us push through negative obstacles, and luckily they prepare us for something far more significant. At Haywire Inc., we believe in that type of mentality. The sports mentality is the mindset of a fighter. We know that our sports mentality and background gives us an edge in business. Our industry needs something like this to thrive, and we strive on giving it just that.