Haywire Inc Spoke at Quinnipiac University for Marketing Week!

The most exceptional aspect about Universities is the fact there are new, fresh minded individuals looking to get their education and make it out in the real world. A student mentality is something we respect and look up to at Haywire Inc. For marketing week, our CEO, Danielle Hay, was contacted by Quinnipiac University to speak about B2B, B2C and Events/Promotional marketing. “This was a great opportunity for me personally because I got to speak about something I am passionate about and got to interact with students looking to learn more about the marketing world,” says Danielle Hay, managing director of Haywire Inc.


The topic Haywire focused mostly on is to introduce the fact that marketing is transferable. “For example, if someone is looking a job, it’s a great opportunity to get knowledge and decently proficient in those skills for upcoming job searches. Regardless of what you want to pursue, marketing will be transferable. The skills you have can be put towards marketing in various areas. If you’re hardworking then hard work will help you and if you’ve got great communication skills, then that will help you with clients and customers,” says Danielle Hay of Haywire. One aspect we really emphasize on and appreciate is the fact that newcomers are able to be confident in their abilities. Being confident is the majority of what marketing is all about. Being able to put yourself forward in a smart and savvy way with the ability to know that you can handle it. If you’re looking to get in the marketing field, it’s a good idea to get familiar with some methods and strategies to transfer your abilities in.


Being familiar with specific skills and abilities shows that you’re able to understand what any job entitles for you. Use current knowledge and think about situations have you have needed to use them throughout your life/career. By being prepared this way, you can understand that the marketing world has a lot of offer if you’re interested. “Speaking to these students and telling them about how marketing impacts our world and has become a leader career in our time, it shows that we do is important and we value our clients/customers very much. This is why when graduate season comes around we’re always excited to see new faces that’ll maybe someday be well-known faces in the business industry,” says Danielle Hay of Haywire Inc.