Haywire Inc. Reviews The Relevance of Speaking with Influence & Power

The truth about speaking is that words mean a lot. There are various phrases in our language that indicate the length words can go to impact an individual. In our industry, we take words very seriously. Any action, any goal, and dream you have in mind, this is your chance to prove yourself by communicating it. “Communication is the strongest asset a business professional will carry. We appreciate those that know how to speak, with transparency and mannerism,” says Danielle Hay, managing director of Haywire Inc. It is also important to us that when you are speaking, you speak with influence and power. You may wonder what that means? But to do well and be a leader if one should want to, the main thing anyone looks at is your ability to set the tone, give a speech and be someone that motivates others.


Think about it in this scenario: an interview. When you are scheduled for an interview, how would go about speaking? Would you be timid, and unconfident? Even if you are shy by nature, the only way to get something going is by understanding your words. People often say they have a hard time finding a job and that their interview didn’t go so well. This has a lot to do with speaking ability. When you talk in a manner that is influential and powerful, it puts you in the spot to earn something because of your articulation. “Bring in the charm, proper communication and confidence — these will be your best friend at an interview,” says Danielle Hay of Haywire Inc.


Another essential aspect to speaking is remembering to say what you mean, and mean what you say. Many times words are thrown around like they are nothing. Be firm in what you want to convey and once you have that down; you have the influential/powerful speaking aspect completely. “The important thing to remember is that whatever you say,  people comprehend what you’re saying by the way you say it. So if you confidently tell us that you’re strong and passionate, as well as back it up with experience? We know that you’re a potential fit for any role you chose to apply for,” says Danielle Hay of Haywire Inc. Research shows that mind interprets what it hears very literally. The words we speak have an impact to create images in another person’s mind.






Photo by Min An from Pexels https://www.pexels.com/photo/woman-wearing-v-neck-sleeveless-top-near-bookshelf-836013/