Haywire Inc Shares The Importance of a Sports Mentality in Business

At Haywire Inc, we appreciate the energy the sports world has to offer. Recently NFL season started, and we’re getting to seeing what’s going on that area. We’re also big baseball (MLB) and NBA (basketball) fans. We aren’t rooting for a specific team because we believe that every team, player, and coach brings something valuable to the court. “Think about it this way, besides for entertainment purposes, why else would sports be necessary? In the business industry, our minds need to be trained like each of those players on the field. Our mentality needs be how the greats are right now, when the back themselves up with championships, rings, and awards. These only happen when your mentality is as strong as you are. A sports mentality at Haywire is very much appreciated. Our representatives take pride in the fact that they are competitive, striving for the best and practice before they make any action,” says Danielle Hay, managing director of Haywire Inc.

We appreciate the fact that there’s so much more to the sports world than just for watching and entertainment. “These players provide a sense of motivation to other. Whatever your passion is you know that with dedication it’s possible, anything is possible when practice is implemented, and strategies are taken in steadily,” says Danielle Hay of Haywire Inc. Take an example of some of the greats: Michael Jordan, David Beckham, Larry Byrd, Derek Jeter, Aaron Rodgers — just to name a few from the sports world, these impeccable athletes have left a mark on the sports world. They are known for what they accomplished in the past and some even till now in the present. It makes sense because their mentality leads them there. Tremendous hours of practice, beating every failure, taking turns over and over again to get you in the right place and noticed, it’s all about dedication and hard work.

In the business world, this quality of dedication is just as important. “When you put together dedication and mindset, you are basically holding yourself on a sports mentality,” says Danielle Hay of Haywire Inc. In an article on Entrepeneur.com about a sports mentality topic, the writer talks about something interesting we agree with. He says having a sports mentality provides structure. We agree with this, without structure we don’t know how to accomplish our goals. He writes, “You will be more proactive than reactive during games if you follow a set pattern between points and plays. For example, top tennis players follow the same trend between points. As soon as the point ends, they turn away from the net and put the racket in their non-hitting hand to relax. As they walk back to the baseline, they adjust their strings and evaluate the last point. They continue to walk to the back fence, planning for the next point, then walk back to the baseline to get ready for the next point. At the baseline, they perform their pre-shot routine, such as bouncing the ball three times before a serve or twirling the racket before returning a serve.”

This type of mindset and practice leads you into doing well inevitability. Hard work doesn’t go unnoticed — its effect is always placed on some outcome.