Haywire Inc. Reviews Ways to Use Criticism To Your Advantage

We are not perfect, though we strive to be and do great things. One aspect of striving is that individuals are continually learning to grasp new ideas and progressively go about their routine. Many times the way we do things are not always in line with another person’s perspective. This is where the criticism comes in, because everyone has an opinion and everyone does certain things in their own way, criticism becomes inevitable. “Majority of the individuals will take critics and get discouraged by it. They assume that this is how people see them and they are not good in whatever area they were criticized in. But at Haywire Inc, we welcome criticism, if anything it makes us stronger as it teaches us how to take a hit and still make changes and deliver strong results” says Danielle Hay, managing director of Haywire Inc.

Criticism hurts because we tend to react negatively towards adverse things. Rather than combating it with a positive attitude and optimism, we tend to take things harshly, and that affects us. But criticism is just a form of feedback; it just means you are human and not perfect. There is always room for changes, and there is still room to make yourself better. Studies indicated that the right/good amount of constructive criticism is the best way to motivate agents. They are a sign of high leading teams. Critiques, when delivered in a fair manner helps the individual to get better over time. “Constructive criticism also makes people realize that they can do more and helps them understand that they can fill in the gaps and improve their performance,” says Danielle Hay of Haywire.

One of the ways to take criticism is by taking in that specific piece of advice/critic one part at a time. Think about it and see how you can better yourself. Think about why the person who gave you this critic has said it, were you in need of a push that this critic possibly woke you up to realize that? There are various ways that it can help you and because of the fact that you chose to listen and take into account shows that you’re willing for improvement and reaching for potential. Haywire looks at that and takes it into account because it takes a strong individual to handle constructive criticism.