Haywire Inc. Reviews “10 Things Everyone Should Know by the Time They Turn 40”

Haywire Inc. recently came across an interesting article that spoke about some essential life skills to have by the time anyone turns 40 years of age. “At Haywire Inc., we believe many of these skills the article mentions to be accurate and important,” says Danielle Hay, managing director of Haywire Inc. According to Goalcast’s article by writer Matt Valentine, he writes “Then there are other things that everyone should know, preferably sooner than later. These are the critical lessons that can and will dictate the entire quality of your life from now (whatever your age) until you’re grey and old. […] On the flip side, if you jump on these things now you can literally transform your life from top to bottom, from your professional success to your personal life and everything in between.”

The idea behind these skills is that without them, it will be hard to do anything. By the time an individual ages; it could be quite useful to pick up these things. Valentine says one of the things individuals should know how to do by the age of 40 is learning to communicate. He says “We’re designed to communicate. Without communication, you’re far likely not to survive. That’s just a basic truth. However, more than just having to communicate, you need to communicate effectively. Most notably, that means learning to listen. I mean really listen to what they have to say, consider their point of view, and respond in a way that respects that perspective.” We agree entirely with this notion and understand its effectiveness.

Another great tip Valentine says you should learn is being a bit assertive and learning to say ‘no.’ He writes, “No, you’re not a bad person for telling them no. Yes, your guilt is a positive natural reaction to dealing with people that proves that you can feel empathy. But no, saying yes to everything doesn’t help you or even those around you.” At Haywire Inc., we really agree with this post and writing. We value its content.