Haywire Inc. Review Having a Creative Outlet

Recently at Haywire Inc., our associates and business partners gathered together for some time together and team building activities. Amongst those activities was our favorite, painting. We spent time painting on a canvas and working on our skills, as well as abilities. This not only helps us be more creative, rather it helps us tap into those skillsets we never knew we had. “Creativity opens up the mind to look at situations in a different manner. We’re able to look past our usual perspective and see something different in what’s provided for us,” says Danielle Hay, managing director of Haywire Inc. We’re always trying new things at Haywire Inc., and because of that, we consider ourselves pretty well-rounded in strategies and methods.

We considered trying out a creative outlet because our representatives wanted to work on their team building skills. With team building skills comes the aspect of working together, and spending time with one another to build that professional relationship. At Haywire Inc. we’re always looking and thinking outside the box to help us in our journey to being the best. We strive to cover all bases and make sure no rock is left unturned. This was a bit of art therapy for us at Haywire, because it helped us and our agents have an outlet and be creative. They spent time together and possibly even felt good after participating in this activities.

According to Psychology Today, art therapy “involves the use of creative techniques such as drawing, painting, collage, coloring, or sculpting to help people express themselves artistically and examine the psychological and emotional undertones in their art. With the guidance of a credentialed art therapist, clients can “decode” the nonverbal messages, symbols, and metaphors often found in these art forms, which should lead to a better understanding of their feelings and behavior…” Based on this description we know that art is to be taken as an excellent outlet and way to express our emotions and creativity. We look forward to doing more of this in the future.