Haywire Inc.’s CEO Spoke On How To Make Working Hard Attractive at Industry Leaders Conference

Recently our CEO at Haywire Inc. Danielle Hay spoke at an industry leaders conference in Chicago. This conference showcases leaders expertise, ideas, and inspiration for individuals wanting to grow and utilize their potential. It’s also an excellent chance for leaders such as Danielle Hay to speak and give some advice about their experiences and background in this industry. Our CEO talked about working hard but also making it attractive. In any field or industry, working hard comes with pros and cons. It is just a matter of how an individual sees to utilize that content. Most times we fail to look at the bigger picture and don’t reap the rewards as we’d like. However, there are various perks to see once you get past the ‘hard working’ aspect of anything.

At the conference Danielle Hay inspired us by her words and said, “When I started in the business I was rather young, and a lot of people at my age wanted to go out and have fun, and that is the most attractive part of going to college it’s not about getting excited about working hard it’s about getting excited about what working hard gets you whether it’s to be able to do what you want when you want, or living in a nice place or being able to do cool things for your family. And I looked at my friends and them going to Ibiza and different holidays. It is cool, but not as cool as the goals I have achieved: being able to pay off my dads mortgage when my mum had cancer or buy him the watch he sold. For example value vs cost the value of not being able to do some of the things my friends did or missing some birthday parties vs the value of what I can do for my family or friends in return.”

This showcases the importance of working hard with a purpose. At Haywire Inc. we believe that anything you do with good intent and purpose to better lives for yourself and others helps you have a strong drive to achieve any of your goals and dreams. Sometimes you will miss out on things people your age are doing, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t living as much as they are. It says that you are at your own pace. Our CEO at Haywire eloquently explains this topic at the industry conference, and it helps to round off any goals we have for the future. It also inspires us to reach our goals and push to be better for our loved ones and ourselves.