Haywire Inc. Advises Dressing for Success

At Haywire Inc., we believe that how we dress influences our mentality and confidence. When we dress in a certain way, it expresses how we feel. If we dress casual, it means we’re not trying to do anything professionally if we dress for success, it means we’re setting ourselves up for goals we want to achieve. “Regardless of anything we do, we’re always on top of the way we portray ourselves. Others will believe in our abilities if we believe in them ourselves and make certain to dress that way as well,” says Danielle Hay, managing director of Haywire Inc. We always want to put our best foot forward, and that can only happen when we dress for success.

According to an article on Success Magazine, “Does Dressing for Success Really Work?” by Jeff Vrabel, he writes “In most places outside of Wall Street and Capitol Hill, though, dress codes are loosening up. That said, we still live in a world of impressions, first and otherwise. And for better or worse, those impressions come visually and often from clothes. ‘Perception is everything. There is no reality,’  says Caroline Dowd-Higgins, executive director of career and professional development at the Indiana University Alumni Association ‘If I come to work in yoga pants, the perception might be that I’m laid-back and casual, so maybe my work ethic is, too. I want to be able to set a tone, establish myself as a promotable player.’”

At Haywire Inc., we know for a fact that dressing well and professional establishes a tone. Many times we look at individuals that come into our company and the way they dress shows us how serious they are and how much they value the work they want to put in. “If you dress laid back, you’re more likely to be laid-back in situations. However, if you dress professionally, you’ll look like you mean business,” says Danielle Hay of Haywire Inc.