Haywire CEO Heads to New Orleans in October to Speak at Rising Star Event

You could say that most people of Danielle Hay’s age would be considered “Rising Stars” but for this energetic owner of Haywire group, her star began rising years ago! At the young age of 19, Danielle Hay from Haywire began her career as an entrepreneur and her star has been shining brightly ever since. When asked about her decision to become an entrepreneur when so many other young people her age were out sowing their wild oats, Danielle Hay says that for her it was an easy decision.“It’s all I’ve ever wanted to do as long as I could remember. I knew that I had a way with words and I knew that marketing and sales were what I was best suited for. So, here I am with my own marketing group and an amazing team to work with,” she says with the pride that comes from a sense of accomplishment.

This year, the owner of Haywire has been invited to speak at the Rising Star Event in New Orleans and it is here that she will share a piece of her own rise to success. She says that a large part of her journey to success is the team she has surrounded herself with and, interestingly, she has a bit of advice to other entrepreneurs on how to find those team members who complement what they are doing or hope to accomplish.“No matter what industry you are in,” she says, “one of the very best places to attract top talent is, believe it or not, social media. Once you have a solid social presence, you can have fun at the same time as you are keeping your eyes open for anyone who fits the mold. You can tell right away if you are going to get on with someone just by the way you engage on sites like Facebook, Twitter, or even on YouTube. I get a kick out of watching videos other young people post and you can see their personality shine through on videos to a greater degree than in messaging or posting.”

Her advice at the Rising Star Event will be to create a genuinely fun and exciting profile and to stay active daily. “You needn’t spend your entire day there but check back often enough to see if any new possibilities have joined your page.” It’s rewarding but it’s also a fun way to find others of a like mind who you feel you’d work well with. This is recruitment for the new age and it’s something this awesome owner of Haywire has perfected. She’ll be sharing in New Orleans the third week in October, so don’t miss what promises to be a fun filled talk.