Haywire Compares Competitive Sports to Life as an Entrepreneur

When picturing what life is like as an entrepreneur, most young people probably imagine jet-setting around the globe in Armani suits and staying in the penthouse of 5-star hotels. While this is ultimately possible, that is what the owner of Haywire, Danielle Hay, calls a “side benefit” of hard work, fierce competition and working as a team player throughout.

Danielle Hay from Haywire remembers her years in high school where she played competitive golf on her school’s team. While she wanted to win each tournament, she also knew that she was part of a team and that each player had something to contribute to a team trophy. She may, or may not, take home a personal best, but if the school’s team did, that was a crowning achievement in and of itself. She was happy with that.

“Sometimes athletes, like entrepreneurs, can get carried away with a competitive spirit. Unfortunately, some don’t know where the competition ends. When you are working with a team, you need to know when it’s time to step back and let someone else have the limelight while you place second or third. Why you ask? Because a true team player understands that every win for the team is a win for them.”

This amazingly bright and talented owner of Haywire began her own journey as an entrepreneur at the young age of 19. Just out of high school, when other kids were out and about socializing and enjoying their first years in college, Danielle Hay had her nose to the grindstone, just like coaches taught her in preparing for each tournament.

“You can have fun doing what you are doing, but it’s all about hard work with your eyes set on a goal. There is time to sit back and relax but you need to learn when you can take that break and how to keep yourself healthy and on target. I’m not saying I didn’t go out during those early years, I’m saying that being entertained had its time and place. It isn’t all work and no play, but the reverse isn’t true either. I didn’t wake up each morning to a fully staffed home serving me breakfast in bed. That is the stuff of Hollywood flicks and something to be ‘enjoyed’ later on. For now, it’s work and raising up a team of like-minded players who can win the tournament together.”Winning is what Danielle Hay and Haywire are good at and if you take a look at her social pages, you’ll see that this is one young woman who enjoys the best of both worlds. Congratulations on all you’ve done – we look forward to years of further accomplishments from this amazing young entrepreneur!